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Essentials for IELTS Speaking

It perfectly responds to the IELTS Bro with a hit rate of over 90%, and has been prepared by instructors with speaking 8.5 or higher and supervised by former examiners, so it is prepared with natural flow and sentences suitable for the 7-9 level of the IELTS band, rather than more difficult and unnatural scripts than necessary.


  • Part 3

    Do you think it's necessary for parents to make decisions for their children?

    While parents play a crucial role in guiding and supporting their children, it is essential to strike a balance between parental authority and allowing children to develop decision-making skills. Parents should involve their children in decision-making processes, giving them opportunities to express their opinions and make choices within appropriate boundaries. This approach fosters independence and helps children learn from their own experiences.

    Model answer with natural flow and good organization
  • 어린이는 연령과 이용 가능한 자원에 따라 다양한 환경에서 노는 경우가 많습니다. 어린 아이들은 놀이터, 공원, 실내 놀이 공간에서 놀이를 즐기고, 나이가 많은 아이들은 집에서 스포츠를 즐기거나 비디오 게임을 할 수 있습니다. 또한 동네에서 친구들과 놀거나 팀 스포츠 또는 취미 클럽과 같은 조직적인 활동에 참여할 수도 있습니다.

    Provide Korean translation
  • Parental authority 부모 권위
    Decision-making skills 의사결정 능력
    Involve 참여시키다
    Express their opinions 의견을 표현하다
    Choices 선택
    Appropriate boundaries 적절한 경계
    Fosters 육성하다
    Independence 독립성
    Learn from their own experiences 자신의 경험으로부터 배우다

    주제와 연관된 좋은 표현 정리


  • Perfect response to 1-4 April expected questions
  • Band 8-9 level model answers
  • Organized good expressions
  • Korean translation provided
  • Free update when additional expected questions are added*1

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4.9 ( 180 reviews )
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    stella1 2024-05-15
    따로 정리하지 않아도 유용한 표현들을 알 수 있어서 넘 좋습니다^^
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    Kiki 2024-05-14
    무료라서 퀄리티가 낮거나 하지 않고 정말 많은 도움이 됩니다.챗GPT로도 좋다 생각했는데 여긴 아이엘츠 대비용으로 훨씬 잘 정리되어있고 무료로 많은 정보 얻을 수 있어서 좋아요
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    너무 좋아요.애용하겠습니다
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    hyun_aa 2024-03-28
    너무 좋습니다
    알찬 자료들이 많아요!

Question List


  1. Weather 재출제, 2022 9-12
  2. Shopping 재출제, 2021 1-4
  3. Classmate New
  4. Staying at home New
  5. Morning routines New
  6. Mobile phone 재출제, 2022 1-4
  7. Asking for help New
  8. Childhood memory New
  9. Holidays 재출제, 2021 9-12
  10. Schools and workplaces New
  11. Exciting activities New
  12. Doing sports 재출제, 2022 5-8
  13. Daily routine 재출제, 2022 1-4
  14. E-books and paper books New
  15. Science 재출제, 2021 9-12
  16. News New
  17. Internet New
  18. Library 재출제, 2023 1-4
  19. Keys 재출제, 2023 1-4
  20. Jewelry 재출제, 2023 1-4
  21. Breakfast New
  22. Life stages New
  23. Relax 재출제, 2023 1-4
  24. Weekends 재출제, 2023 1-4
  25. Number New
  26. Art
  27. Outer space and stars 재출제, 2023 1-4
  28. T-shirt 재출제, 2023 1-4
  29. Staying up 재출제, 2023 1-4
  30. Happy things 재출제, 2023 1-4
  31. Chocolate 재출제, 2023 1-4
  32. Pen and pencil New
  33. Language 재출제, 2023 5-8
  34. Sharing New
  35. Small businesses New
  36. Celebrity News 재출제, 2024 1-4
  37. Money 재출제, 2024 1-4
  38. Singing 재출제, 2024 1-4
  39. Memory 재출제, 2024 1-4
  40. Advertisement 재출제, 2024 1-4
  41. Video Games 재출제, 2024 1-4
  42. Feeling Bored 재출제, 2024 1-4
  43. Crowded Place 재출제, 2024 1-4
  44. Collecting Things 재출제, 2024 1-4
  45. Cakes 재출제, 2024 1-4
  46. Colour 재출제, 2024 1-4
  47. Social media 재출제, 2024 1-4
  48. Sunglasses 재출제, 2024 1-4


  1. Describe a small store where you often buy things New
  2. Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like 재출제, 2020 9-12
  3. Describe something that you did with someone / a group of people 재출제, 2023 1-4
  4. Describe a time that you showed something new to others New
  5. Describe a place (city / town) that is good for people to live in New
  6. Describe someone you who made a good decision recently New
  7. Describe a special meal that someone made for you New
  8. Describe a role model that young people like New
  9. Describe a time when you received money as a gift 재출제, 2022 9-12
  10. Describe a subject that you would like to learn in the future New
  11. Describe a natural place (e.g. parks, mountains) New
  12. Describe a risk you took that you thought would lead to a terrible result but ended up with a positive result New
  13. Describe an activity you enjoyed in your free time when you were young 재출제, 2023 1-4
  14. Describe an important achievement you have made New
  15. Describe a noisy place you have been to 재출제, 2023 1-4
  16. Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person New
  17. Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once New
  18. Describe a person you really enjoy studying / working with New
  19. Describe a tourist attraction that very few people visit but you think is interesting New
  20. Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal New
  21. Describe an interesting old person you have met 재출제, 2023 1-4
  22. Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend New
  23. Describe something you would like to learn in the future 재출제, 2023 1-4
  24. Describe a person who you are happy to know 재출제, 2020 5-8
  25. Describe a time when someone gave you something that you really wanted 재출제, 2023 1-4
  26. Describe an enjoyable journey by public transport 재출제, 2021 1-4
  27. Describe a sport that you only have watched before but not have played yourself New
  28. Describe a piece of good news that you heard about someone you know well 재출제, 2023 1-4
  29. Describe a new law you would like to introduce in your country New
  30. Describe a film character played by an actor or actress whom you admire New
  31. Describe a complaint that you made and you were satisfied with the result 재출제, 2023 1-4
  32. Describe something you own that you want to replace New
  33. Describe a place you have been to where things are expensive 재출제, 2023 5-8
  34. Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study New
  35. Describe a time when you missed or were late for an important meeting / event 재출제, 2023 1-4
  36. Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with 재출제, 2023 1-4
  37. Describe your favorite place in your house where you can relax 재출제, 2023 1-4
  38. Describe an occasion you wore the best clothes 재출제, 2021 1-4
  39. Describe a person who thinks music is important and enjoys music New
  40. Describe a time when you taught a friend / relative something 재출제, 2023 1-4
  41. Describe a person you know who is talented New
  42. Describe a historical building you have been to New
  43. Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted 재출제, 2023 1-4
  44. Describe a daily routine that you enjoy 재출제, 2023 1-4
  45. Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded 재출제, 2022 9-12
  46. Describe an important plant in your country New
  47. Describe a person who likes to buy goods with low prices New
  48. Describe a city you would recommend as a nice place to live (not your hometown) 재출제, 2022 9-12
  49. Describe another city you would like to stay for a short time 재출제, 2023 1-4
  50. Describe a piece of technology you own that you feel is difficult to use 재출제, 2023 1-4
  51. Describe an advertisement you have seen but you did not like New
  52. Describe a website you often visit 재출제, 2023 1-4
  53. Describe a movie/film that you felt strongly about 재출제, 2024 1-4
  54. Describe a travel you were looking forward to but was delayed 재출제, 2024 1-4
  55. Describe a time you were very busy 재출제, 2024 1-4
  56. Describe a useful skill that you learned as a teenager 재출제, 2024 1-4
  57. Describe a time you bought something from a street market 재출제, 2024 1-4
  58. Describe an occasion when you had to do something in a hurry 재출제, 2024 1-4
  59. Describe a time when you picked up an item that someone else lost 재출제, 2024 1-4
  60. Describe an occasion when you heard someone complaining about something in a restaurant/store or other business places 재출제, 2024 1-4
  61. Describe an outdoor activity you did 재출제, 2024 1-4
  62. Describe a uniform you wear (e.g. at school, at work) 재출제, 2024 1-4
  63. Describe an occasion when you used a map 재출제, 2024 1-4
  64. Describe an unusual holiday you had 재출제, 2024 1-4
  65. Describe a time when you helped someone 재출제, 2024 1-4
  66. Describe a job that you would not like to do in the future 재출제, 2024 1-4
  67. Describe something you do regularly to help you work or study 재출제, 2024 1-4
  68. Describe a public facility that has been renovated and improved 재출제, 2024 1-4
  69. Describe an interesting conversation you had with a very old person 재출제, 2024 1-4
  70. Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome 재출제, 2024 1-4
  71. Describe a long-term goal you would like to achieve 재출제, 2024 1-4
  72. Describe a useful object in your home that you cannot live without 재출제, 2024 1-4
  73. Describe a time when someone who did quite well in a team (e.g. schoolwork or a community) 재출제, 2024 1-4
  74. Describe an activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school 재출제, 2024 1-4
  75. Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot 재출제, 2024 1-4
  76. Describe an occasion when there was a lot of noise 재출제, 2024 1-4
  77. Describe a place you would like to go to relax 재출제, 2024 1-4
  78. Describe your first day at school that you remember 재출제, 2023 1-4
  79. Describe an unusual meal you had 재출제, 2023 1-4

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  • Released: 2024 May 4

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