IELTS One-on-One Video Lessons

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Prepare for IELTS Speaking and Writing with the best teachers who have scored 8.5-9.0 in IELTS Speaking.


  • All teachers have actual IELTS exam experience*
  • Prepare with predicted questions with a 95% accuracy rate**.
  • Free IELTS PASS provided during the course period
  • * Teachers without exam experience are required to take the exam within 6 months ** Applies to IELTS Speaking only

IELTS Speaking Model Answers and Audio

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We provide model answers and audio that perfectly respond to IELTS Bro expected questions. You can practice by recording your own answers and listen to other people's. Recorded answers are automatically converted to text so you can check them at any time.


  • Perfectly respond to IELTS BRO predictions
  • Model Answers and Audio
  • Record your own answer
  • Automatically converting recordings to text
  • Check other's recording
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IELTS Writing AI Correction

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Using the latest artificial intelligence language model engine, we rewrite the IELTS writing into a BAND 8 or higher model answer. If you don't have any writing, just enter the question. We'll create a model answer in less than a minute.

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  • Upgrade submitted essays to Band 8.0 level
  • Generate a model answer
  • Evaluate according to the IELTS grading criteria
  • Good expressions with Korean translation
Get an AI Correction Task 2 Model Answer

IELTS topic related sentence by Simon

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Learn the best sentences from popular IELTS blogger and former examiner Simon, organized by IELTS speaking and writing topics.

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  • Best IELTS Topic-related sentences
  • You listen the audio
  • Pronunciation evaluation features
Practice Best IELTS sentences

IELTS Archive

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IELTS Speaking and writing actual questions, Free lessons and tips, Sample answers and vocabularies.

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